Podcast and Such

Some of you may know that I have a podcast with two of my buddies, Lyra and Lizzie. We talk about all sorts of things on it, like media, ships, writing, representation, women in media, TV shows we love, movies we can’t get enough of, and so much more.

Well, a fun and exciting thing we’ve decided to do for Season 2 is have a monthly Patreon, where we hope to build a community for everyone who loves fandom, movies, TV, and more. If that’s your thing, please take a gander!

Stop and Fangirl Patreon

As far as book stuff goes! I know that a few of you were wondering what I’m up to! I’ve currently got Controllers up on all the usual places for you, so yay! But I’ve also started writing the next book in the Dreamer Chronicles. Julie Aim is taking aim. Ha. I’ll stop. I have no dates, no nothing, beyond a desire to let you know that she’s my priority right now with my novels.

Thanks to all of you who have purchased Controllers. You’re my superheroes, and I adore you!


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